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Taking bioenergy projects from inception to completion




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We can help you develop a concept to produce energy from waste. We will identify the best methods to increase efficiency and reduce waste while generating revenue.

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Our team of engineers and contractors can make the concept a reality. We have the experience to identify the best technologies and strategic partners to produce a successful project.

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Once the project is complete, our group is ready and qualified to either own and operate, just operate or provide oversight and management to realize the goals and benefits of the project.

About Us

We are a partnership specializing in the development, engineering and construction of water treatment and waste to energy related infrastructure. We help our clients take advantage of new technologies by creating a full solution, from development through final implementation.

Our ability to provide a full turnkey solution sets us apart from other energy development companies. By incorporating development, implementation, and operations into one organization we have helped our clients realize the full potential of clean water, renewable energy, waste minimization and energy reduction.

  • Resource Recovery

    Our goal is to re-purpose waste products into a beneficial use such as green energy, soil amendment, livestock feed, or a recycled product.

  • Energy Reduction

    Our experts can reduce your carbon or water footprint through utilizing the latest technologies in water or wastewater treatment, HVAC, Lighting, and energy recovery.

  • Green Energy

    Our group can develop projects that produce green energy from biogas, hydro, or solar.  Our offtake experts can market the energy to maximize the return on investment. 

  • Clean Water

    Our team is qualified to develop water reuse, water minimization, and wastewater treatment projects utilizing the latest available technologies.