ALPRO finalizes JDA with Midwestern BioAg

ALPRO Energy & Water, LLC (ALPRO) finalized a North American Joint Development Agreement (JDA) with Midwestern BioAg, Inc. (MBA). MBA has developed an approach to farming called biological agriculture that increases yield, lowers units costs, improves farm profits, increases nutritional quality and reduces the negative environmental consequences of farming, utilizing carbon based fertilizers that can be derived from the digestate from anaerobic digesters.  MBA and ALPRO have exclusive access to patented technology and processes they will utilize to jointly develop projects and products to meet the growing carbon based fertilizer product needs of MBA.

Central Valley Water Reclamation Facility – Memo of Understanding

ALPRO Energy & Water, LLC (ALPRO) finalized a Memo of Understanding with the Central Valley Water Reclamation Facility (CVWRF) to agree to work to towards a Definitive Agreement for a resource recovery project located at the CVWRF.  CVWRF now will negotiate a contractual relationship with ALPRO to Design – Build – Finance – Operate – Maintain a project that increases feed stocks such as Fats, Oils & Grease (FOG), food waste and other bio-waste input to the plant in order to:

  • increase utilization and overall efficiency of existing anaerobic digesters;
  • increase methane biogas output from the digesters;
  • provide a commercial off-take for the biogas, and/or power generation, or a combination of both;
  • and reduce overall cost of treatment for CVWRF customers.

ALPRO was selected through a RFP process by Central Valley to conduct a study on the feasibility of the Project and as a project developer that has the capability and wherewithal to finance, design, build, operate and maintain portions of the project. ALPRO wishes to enter into a long term Definitive Agreement with Central Valley to implement the Project based on the positive outcome of the feasibility study performed by ALPRO on behalf of CVWRF over the last several months.

Central Valley Water Reclamation Facility – Energy Recovery Project

In August 2013 ALPRO Energy & Water was awarded a contract to assess the feasibility of upgrading Central Valley Water Reclamation Facility’s existing treatment plant. The study evaluates upgrades to the anaerobic digesters, the hot water system, the gas treatment system, and generation system.  If the project is deemed feasible, ALPRO will be the solids manager  building and operating a receiving station that will accept municipal biosolids, FOG, and food waste products to be co-digested in the existing digesters.

Tooele Water Reclamation Facility – Solar Drying Facility

ALPRO team members, Alder Construction and AQUA Engineering, designed and built a new solar drying facility for the City of Tooele’s Water Reclamation Facility. The facility recently had an open house to showcase their facility and was recently featured in on Fox 13 news. Check out the video to learn a bit more about the project.