Almost all biomass can be used to generate biogas or power. We focus on non-digested biosolids waste from wastewater plants, food wastes, manure, and industrial wastes that will generate biogas after being anaerobically digested. These wastes can be in a liquid or semi liquid form.


Funding can come from various sources depending on what makes the most sense for each individual project. Our sources of capital include private banks, investment groups, government programs, bonding, as well as participation by the owner.


We are looking for forward-thinking clients who are in a position to take advantage of their existing facilities. These are both private and publicly owned wastewater treatment facilities, food processing plants, and existing disposal sites.

Green Market

We are able to market the generated energy and take advantage of Carbon Credits or Carbon Offsets, Renewable Identification Numbers (RIN’s), Renewable Energy Credits, and clients looking for green gas or green power from a non-interruptible source.

How can our business model help your facility? Send us an email and let us know!